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Australian Made

At Thread Candy we are proudly Australia Made here in Brisbane and 100% Australian Owned.

Below is a breakdown of where the product and components are maufactured.

Cushion Covers

100% of our cushion covers are manufactured in Brisbane Australia. 

Components of the Cushion cover are generally imported from all over the world. For example our fabrics are imported from the USA (though could be milled worldwide) threads are imported from Europe and our YKK Zippers are purchased in Australia and manufactured worldwide by YKK

Handbags and Clutches

100% of our handbags and clutches are manufactured in Brisbane Australia. 

Components are similar to cushion covers with the exception of hardware which comes from China.


All imported from the USA (milled worldwide)

YKK Zippers

Purchased from YKK Australia and YKK manufactures worldwide.


Purchased locally in Brisbane, manufactured mostly in Brazil.