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Round Indoor and Outdoor Cushions

Round Cushions

Do your Round Cushions look drab or outdated for summer this year. Do you want to be the envy of all your neighbors with a spectacular outdoor area for all your Sunday barbecues this summer.

Well your in luck, Thread Candy can custom make the perfect Round Indoor or Outdoor cushion for your home. 


What fabrics does Thread Candy supply?

Thread Candy has all the best fabrics from the world's best designers. We have 1000's of fabrics to choose from as we can access the whole catalog in the designers below.

Outdoor Fabrics


Tommy Bahama



3 Beaches


Indoor Fabrics


P Kaufmann


3 Beaches



Step 1. Measure

First we need measurements diameter of the cover x Thickness.

Once you have measured please contact us on and we can move into colour selection and give estimate on price and delivery times.


Step 2. Sun, Rain and the pool

Sun, Rain and the pool are things fabric generally attempts to avoid, the good news is some fabrics handle them better than others.

We generally recommend that if you are looking for longevity in your cushion you should choose a Sunbrella fabric or Warwick fabric which will last the longest.


Step 3. Colour choice

You can choose from 1000+ fabrics from the best designers around the globe. Most we have in stock and some we will need to order in which generally takes a week to arrive.


Step 4. Do you need an insert?

If you need an insert please let us know and we can add this to your order. Otherwise you can visit a local Clark Rubber and they can cut to fit


Step 5. Fabric Samples

If you are unsure of what design you are looking for, or what the fabric will look like we strongly encourage you to order a fabric sample first.


Step 6. Quote

After you have settled on a design we can draw up a quote for you, once accepted we set up a custom listing for you to easily purchase on our website.


What if my cushion cover doesn't fit?

Sometimes cushion covers just dont fit, for whatever reason, if there is any issue after purchase please contact us and we can rectify asap.